Celebrity Sex Scandals – What You Should Be Thinking

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Celebrity sex scandals have made the world a gossip sensation and have become the talk of every newsroom. I bet you thought the stars of our beloved and famous TV shows have had sex for millions of years? Wrong. The celebrity sex scandals have been created to promote entertainment, so instead of a tidbit of information, there is now an avalanche of stories and gossip about celebrities having sexual encounters.

Celebrity sex scandals are generally awful in nature. There are many disturbing things about these scandals and that’s why it has become something of a community obsession. Before I reveal what you must be thinking, I will give you the basics of what these scandals really are and how they get started.

Celebrity sex scandals often go as far back as the late eighties. Since then, there have been many high profile stories of sexual impropriety. In all cases, though, most of the allegations seem to center around adultery and sexual harassment.

Like most of us, I am shocked at these stories as I feel the stars of television and film have been married for a long time and have done nothing wrong. Of course, it is very likely that they did nothing wrong. It’s hard to imagine those who are acting the way that they do if they were not in a position of power. If you asked them if they were hypocritical, they would most likely laugh.

Well, the really bad part is that we are putting these people in positions of power and are paying them to act in ways that are right out of a horror movie. When I was in school, they would tell me that they were thinking about cheating on their wives and they never did. That is because they were in power.

Infidelity in the workplace is very serious. It is the cause of almost one third of all divorces and it is directly related to bad workplace atmosphere. It is much easier to steal from your employer or coworker than to cheat on your spouse.

That being said, I don’t believe celebrity sex scandals should go unpunished. Unfortunately, society is in denial that there is a problem and the best we can hope for is that they learn a lesson.

On a side note, the celebrity sex scandals have resulted in a couple of writers for Hollywood and Vanity Fair. One of them, Matt Barrie, stated his opinion that Hollywood is full of unethical people and only their fans and reporters realize it. He stated that the people in Hollywood need to “do the right thing”.