How Do I Become a Cuckold?

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Cuckolds are only an entertainment when the husband is not attracted to his wife. The Cuckold is like an unfaithful spouse, which keeps on cheating. Most of the men become obsessed with their wives or girlfriend while sleeping with her.

For one to have a Cuckold wife, one must prove his love to his wife in some manner. A Cuckold has many manifestations and it varies from man to man. A Cuckold who is engaged to a wife or a girlfriend can be referred to as a sexual cuckold or a sexual kingpin.

The Cuckold usually notices a change in the behaviour of his wife or girlfriend when he is gone to other cities or to another country. These changes include as changes in sleeping patterns, ways of dressing up, skipping meals and even absence from home without informing them first.

Usually the husband or boyfriend may also check with the people in the area to verify if the wife or girlfriend are still there or not. The cuckold would feel so special if his wife or girlfriend are still there and the husband were to confess that he has been cheating on her. But most of the husbands are too embarrassed and try to avoid talking about their infidelity. So, the woman becomes the Cuckold by the husband and that is the reason why the Cuckold desires more for the wife or girlfriend.

If the wife or girlfriend are not satisfied with her husband or boyfriend, then she can decide to find out who is spying on her. In this way, she can know how her husband or boyfriend spends his time with other women. She can see if her husband or boyfriend has tried to look at other women online.

By checking on his partner’s behaviour when he is away from home, she will find out the truth and if the husband is hiding something from her. She will also know what is his secret fear. If the wife does not reveal her suspicions, the husband will hide something more from her and she will never discover it.

When the wife gets to know of the spying, she may try to confront her husband and tell him the truth that she knows of his cheating with other women. However, the husband may deny his adultery and say that they are just friends. In this case, the wife will go out and look for someone else who will spy on him or try to meet him at different places and talk to him.

It may happen that a Cuckold becomes so obsessed with his wife or girlfriend that he will do everything to keep them together. Sometimes he would take her to new locations without her knowledge. So, it is better that a husband should be faithful to his wife if he wants to remain a Cuckold and not a Cuckold.